Legal practitioners, journalists and civil society people have unanimous opinions that there should be no hurdles in conducting a fair and independent inves…tigation into the de..ath issue of journalist Shalikram Pudasaini. In a press statement today, various organisations have demanded a fair inquiry into the case, and action if anyone is found guilty in it. It has been stres..sed that none should take a move capable of influencing the investigation process when some people have already been under police inves…tigation.

“The right to give a final verdict in regard with the case is with the court and it would keep no meaning to be judgmental at an individual level,” they said. According to Nepal Bar Association Chitwan former president Gopilal Devkota, the authorised body holds the right to take ‘suspects’ under control for investigation. Three people including television programme presenter Rabi Lamichhaine have presently remained in police detention for investigations into the case. The court should be allowed to settle the case without any undue pressure, he asse..rted.